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Life Insurance
The Ultimate protection for your family and assets.

Only Jarrett Insurance gives you exceptional service 24/7 with your life insurance or an annuity policy. Let our 10 years of experience serve you and we will shop for the very best price for you from 15+ A-rated companies!

Jarrett Insurance rated 4.8/5

Professional Field Underwriters

Let our agents with 10+ years of experience help guide you in finding the best coverage for your families needs.

Select Only The Coverage You Need

Top coverage from all the best A-rated companies in the industry. Select what's best for your family based on your needs and budget.

World Class Client Service

We are always available to you and answer the phone when you call. We take great pride in helping clients thoroughly with their life insurance needs.
Life Insurance
Mortgage Protection
Final Expense

The protection your family needs when the unexpected happens. Your family will be able to sleep great at night knowing that no matter what happens, they will be protected in the untimely event of your passing. They won’t lose the house, their assets, and struggle financially. They will have complete peace of mind.

Pay Bills

Paying the family bills after the main bread winner's passing will be very difficult. Let's GET YOU PROTECTED!

Wealth Protection

We work with top insurance companies to ensure you get the HIGHEST COVERAGE AT THE BEST PRICE.

Income Protection

Life or Disability insurance can help PAY THE BILLS if death or serious injury keeps you from working.

Mortgage Protection

If you’re looking for mortgage protection insurance, we will help you to find the coverage that pays off your home in the event of death and is budget friendly.

Life Insurance

Looking for Life Insurance? We will help you to find top coverage that's budget friendly and protects all your families financial needs at the time of your death.

Retirement & Annuities

If you’re looking for a lifelong income for your retirement, we will help guide you with the best Annuity options that are available in the marketplace.

Top Mortgage Protection Insurance from 15+ A-Rated carriers!

*New Lower Rates in FL
Jarrett Insurance is a broker of all types of life insurance in Florida. We offer all of the top 15+ A-rated insurance companies so we can SHOP FOR YOU and get you the best price possible for your life protection needs.

Strong Life Insurance Protects Families!

*New Lower Rates in FL
Jarrett Insurance offers the very best options available with low-cost, highest quality A-rated life insurance companies in the USA. We offer a full suite of 15+ carriers to cover all your needs and budget.

Top Annuity Retirement Income!

*Excellent a-rated Annuity options in FL
Jarrett Insurance provides Immediate, Fixed and Variable Annuities insurance across the Southeast as an independent broker licensed in many states. We put our clients needs first, period.

Changing the way you buy life Insurance.

We will sit with you, show you all your options, and let you pick which plan and budget work best for you and your family. We will never push you toward any payment amount.

We will always do what’s best for our client’s needs, period!

Get Started

Simply contact us to set up a brief 15-Minute Appointment to go over your options and see what you qualify for.


After you see your options, you Choose Your Coverage, term and budget and apply to get qualified and approved.

Receive Your Protection!

Once approved, you Receive Your Policy in the mail and rest well knowing your family will be financially protected.

15+ A-Rated Insurance Companies available for life insurance top options and pricing


You will always get the very best insurance options available at the best price because we work with all the top companies in the industry that specialize in these types of coverage. Our goal is to help you make the very best educated decision on your life insurance needs and get the best price, period.

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A-Rated Insurance Partners In the U.S.

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AIG life insurance
Mutual of Omaha Insurance
Transamerica insurance
Athene Annuity
John Hancock Insurance
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